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We have Disbanded. Good luck to everyone.
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 The German Solidarity Accords

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King Louis XIV

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The German Solidarity Accords Empty
PostSubject: The German Solidarity Accords   The German Solidarity Accords EmptySat Dec 01, 2012 8:07 pm

Quote :
The Austrian Empire and Nordreich,

I. Each recognize the sovereignty of the other, and with respect to that sovereignty:

a. Agree to a pact of non-aggression,

b. Maintain the right to act unilaterally in political and military matters;

II. Commit to the advancement of a mutually respectful and friendly relationship with the aim of fostering cooperation in times of both peace and war;

III. Each agree not to condone subeversive or destructive action against the other by their respective members;

IV. Define "subversive or destructive action" as follows:

a. Espionage,

b. War or act of war,

c. Deceit,

d. Omission,

e. Concealment;

V. Agree to maintain regular communication between their respective members, governments, and representatives, to include:

a. Maintainence and use of embassies,

b. Regular use of public channels and private queries,

c. Recurring meetings of Foreign Affairs officials to evaluate possible changes to this document;

VI. Agree that while military assistance and financial assistance during times of war is not required, either signatory may request that the other provide such assistance, and:

a. The signatory who requests assistance is entitled to response to the request within 48 hours,

b. Military and financial assistance may be requested by either party during both defensive and aggressive alliance wars;

VII. Agree to actively trade technology and to honor agreements regarding the sales of technology and that all deals need to be passed through respective finance leaders before sent;

VIII. Each agree to give notice 72 hours in advance of any cancellation of this document.

Signed for Nordreich:

His Imperial Majesty Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kaiser von Nordreich

His Imperial Excellency Striderwannabe, Kronprinz des Reiches

Daisy Mae Mac, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Gottrich Northeim, Minister of the Interior

Signed for The Austrian Empire:

CnaedmacAilpn, Kaiser

Czar Lazar, Kanzler of the Österreichisches Reich

Verlion, Minister of Interior

King Louis XIV, Minister of War

President Orff, Minister of Finance
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The German Solidarity Accords
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