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The home of Germanic and Slavic peoples under one banner. Strength through unity.


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We have Disbanded. Good luck to everyone.
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Kaiser - Verlion

Kanzler - President Orff



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President Orff


 The Austrian Wombat Invasion

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The Austrian Wombat Invasion Empty
PostSubject: The Austrian Wombat Invasion   The Austrian Wombat Invasion EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 5:37 pm

The Austrian Wombat Invasion 6QanmZu

The Austrian Wombat Invasion

The Austrian Empire and Mortal Wombat do hereby enter into this treaty of
optional defense in the spirit of friendship and unity.

Article I:
Both parties agree to treat each other with respect and courtesy in public.
Further, both parties agree to respect each others sovereignty and will
exist in peace with each other.

Article II:
Should either party come upon information pertaining to the safety of the other, it is
required to provide said information to the other party as soon as

Article III:
Should either party request aid (technological, monetary or informational), the other is highly
encouraged but not required to provide said aid as soon as possible,
except if either alliance is in a state of war.

Article IV:
Should either party come under attack, the other is highly encouraged to come
to the defense of the other, but is not obligated to.

Article V:
Should either party wish to cancel this treaty, they may do so after informing
the other party. After this, a 72 hour wait period goes into effect,
after which the treaty is nullified.

Signed for Mortal Wombat:
Empress Kiley - Goddess of Chaos Realm
Char Aznable (Edward Mass) - God of Earth Realm
Demonic - God of Outworld
Howlin Mad - Demi-God of Chaos
Generals3 - Demi-God of Earth Realm
Evil Lord Doom - Demi-God of Earth Realm

Signed for The Austrian Empire,
CnaedmacAilpn, Kaiser
Verlion, Kanzler
K8RKE, Minister of War
Erakian, Minister of Foreign Affairs
King Louis XIV, Minister of Finance
President Orff & Sam_Gray, Ministers of Interior
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The Austrian Wombat Invasion
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